Based on a brave girl in Afghanistan
who desperately wants an education and
must convince the men in her family to allow
her to attend school.

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Your purchase helps send a girl to school.

Education is the key to positive, peaceful change in the world.”

Malala Yousafzai &
Razia Jan:  Heroes for
girls’ education

Razia Jan, one of CNN’s 2012 Top 10 Heroes of the Year, founded the Zabuli Education Center in the middle of seven villages outside of Kabul, Afghanistan that never had a girl’s school before.

Jan, an Afghan native lived in the United States where she worked as a tailor and raised her son. In 2008, she made the decision to give up her comfortable life and moved back to Afghanistan to improve the lives of women and children through education.

At a fundraiser for the school, I heard Razia Jan recount story after story of the challenges girls who want an education face. I knew right then that I needed to share these stories with grown-ups and kids living in developed countries who, understandably, take education for granted.

Elizabeth Suneby &
Khaled Hosseini

I am honored that the Khaled Hosseini Foundation has selected my book for for elementary and middle schools, while Khaled’s books are used in high schools.

Photos: CNN (left) and Karen Wong (right)



Meet Razia Jan and her students:

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Khaled Hosseini Foundation adopts Razia’s Ray of Hope. Curriculum  for elementary and middle grade students:

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